In McCain/Palin’s America, young girls will be more vulnerable to being raped by pedophiles due to McCain/Palin’s refusal to provide children with the sex-ed information necessary to prevent attacks and fight back.  

Once raped, these young girls will be forced to pay for the rape kit – that is, if they muster the courage to report the crime to the police (despite the lack of support). 

If any of these young girls are impregnated during the rape/molestation (girls as young as 13 years old) McCain/Palin will force the already brutalized child to carry the pregnancy to term.  Even if the attacker was an uncle, brother, father, step-father or other relative.  She must give birth to the rapist-relative’s baby.

With this in mind, that hollowed out husk of an intellect known as Camile Paglia describes Sarah Palin as a “powerful new feminist – yes feminist! – force.” 

Heckuva job Salon.