Some people might be tempted to make an issue of the fact that Mumm-Ra mistakenly chose a picture of Walter Reed Middle School in California as his backdrop last night (rather than, um, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center – far more relevant in the “using troops as political props” kind of way). 

But my friends, we must not deduce anything about the level of incompetence and/or senility involved in mistaking an obscure suburban California Middle School for the top medical facility treating wounded veterans.  After all, when John McCain was a wounded POW, he didn’t have access to fancy-pants medical centers which are very cosmopolitan and elitist anyway.  POW.  More authentic still, Sarah Palin performs battlefield triage on the many casualties resulting from boozy hunting trips with Cheney and the gang.  With her teeth and a spool of thread.  Moose hunter.  Hockey mom.  That’s how it’s done in small towns where most Americans live.

Besides, doctors and hospitals are for effete whiners.  You don’t want to drink beer with whiners do you?  Ergo, we don’t need nuttin fancier an McCain’s “He-Man Health Plan for Real Americans”  

The Mummified One, reached for comment on the matter, was able to put this issue to rest with an alacrity that will serve him well in the Oval Office:

“Who are you? Where’s my nurse?  What have you done with my recliner?  Someone bring me my recliner!!!!!

You see, my friends, an honest mistake that any super-genuine, everyman, POW would make.  POW.