sythia is making sense:

Palin was a beauty queen. Probably a cheerleader too. She’s had five kids and she still kept her figure. Her husband’s a star athlete.

Remember those stuck up girls in high school whose daddies bought them whatever they wanted and they got everything just because everyone thought they were pretty and they never had to work for anything, it was just given to them, and they were such bitches to everyone around them who wasn’t a football star? She just reminds me of a…mean girl.

Do you think she thinks she’s better than you? She’s probably looking down her plastic-surgeried nose right now…

Indeed.  And what was last night’s pep rally, if not talking about that nice Barack Obama behind his back?  Perhaps that is why people outside her increasingly exclusive clique didn’t find it all that impressive.  Reminds me of other times those “Republican” people were just really mean and selfish and fake and heartless and out-of-touch and unlikeable.  Perhaps a way that “character” voters could understand the race.

And people tend to like it when the mean girl (or, equivalently, the mean guy with conditioned hair) gets her comeuppance.  John Hughes should be brought on as a campaign consultant.

… Dahlia Lithwick sees this, too.