Recently, certain parties online, and even in the “respectable” media, have been engaged in scurrilous speculation regarding an impetuous decision to “hook up” made by a naif of limited experience with an acquaintance of questionable character.  Various parties are going to try to spin this story for their political advantage, and that, while regrettable, is to be expected.  All we need to say about the situation is that certain precautions which should have been taken in these situations were not taken, wishes for enduring affection were perhaps confused with promises, and, in the aftermath, (and likely at the strong urging of their guardians and stewards) the parties concerned have decided to to do the right thing and stay together.  Yes, perhaps this person should not have been so rash, perhaps should have exercised better judgment – or, indeed, any judgment at all.  Perhaps so.  This is very easy for us to say, with our worldly experience, acquired through countless naive mistakes exactly like the one we now seem so eager to condemn.  The answer to lapsed judgment is not judgment made in haste.  Let us judge, instead, with our hearts, and think about our own youthful indiscretions.  If you were anything like me, you were probably just as innocent, thoughtless and foolhardy when you were 72.  Let us please respect their mutual desire for privacy.