McCain just tapped Harriet Miers Sarah Palin as his vice presidential choice.  He must really think women are stupid: Me woman. She woman. Me vote for Oldy McSame.  This brought to us by the same mindset that thought pretty-boy Dan Qauyle would attract women voters.  The campaign via Tiger Beat theory.

Admittedly, we of the male persuasion can frequently cede control of the bridge to our genitalia, but it’s not when we enter the voting booth (I said voting booth).  And given that women are smarter than men generally speaking, and much less prone to cogitate with their junk, this is, to put it simplay, FUCKING FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. 

Speaking of the Old Dirty Bastard who happens to be remarkably old, Palin’s shocking lack of experience (1+ year as governor of a small state after being mayor of a town with 8,000 proud inhabitants) guarantees that people will be talking about how old Oldy Decrepit is now that Sarriet Palin Miers could be one geriatric and feeble heartbeat away from the oval office.  Of all the potential recipients of those 3:00am phone calls to pick from, Mumm-Ra chose her? 

Recall: Obama chose Joe Biden. 

Can’t you just smell the desperation? (over the musty old guy scent)