Brad LeRoque:

I’m not saying Obama is doomed to lose the election. I’m saying he needs a change in strategy. Barraging your opponent with negative ads may not be the hopiest thing a candidate can do, but it is effective. Just sayin’, peeps.

For the record, we at The Institute have been calling for Caligula-shaming rat orgies for some time.  And all Obama and his people are giving us is a coquettish twirl of the tail.  Seriously.  This is starting to piss me off.  FIGHT.  Get off the fncking mat and F.I.G.H.T.  Our country is this close to ushering in the Rapture come November and all the Obama people want to do is tut and tut.

Poor Obama was so lulled to sleep by the media’s intense hatred of Hitlery that he actually thought they’d be on his side in a matchup with McCain.  Or that they’d at least play it more or less straight up [Insert Keyboard Kommandos pause slide] BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 

He’s been so meek and mild – so restrained – that the amesiacs are getting nostaligic for Bush.  I shit you not.  I can understand that Obama might not want to sully his pristine, changey, hopey image – and that being a scary black man anything he says and does is immediately scary and black – but Americans are only captivated by happy talk for so long.  A.D.D. being what it is.  Sometimes you need to wow the audience with car chases, gun battles and explosions.  Will Smith made it safe for a black guy to do that kind of thing, so blow some shit up already. 

Oh, and hammer health care.  Relentlessly.  Consider that the post-coitus cuddle session that seals the deal.

[UPDATE: OK, this is better.  Fight back on the bullshit elitist charges with some actual return fire – not the “unfair” response that ends up sounding like a whine.

Positives of the ad:  Sufficiently low-brow.  Devoid of wonkish details.  Plain language.  Cheap shot.  I call that a win all around.  And see what happens when you put your opponent on the defensive – they’re left stammering incoherently. Which McCain is prone to do given he’s, like, 113 years old or something.  Keep at it.]