August 2008

He’s insane:

John McCain, in his first television interview since his shocking vice presidential pick, said that he saw in Sarah Palin “a partner and a soul mate.”

He met her once.  (Cindy must be loving it.)  This is how 12-year-old girls decide which Jonas brother is the dreamiest.  It’s very creepy.


Via, an explanation of the Gov. Palin/DPS firing scandal that makes sense:

Sarah Palin’s sister Molly married a guy named Mike Wooten who is an Alaska State Trooper. Mike and Molly had a rocky marriage. When the marriage broke up, there was a bitter custody fight that is still ongoing. During the custody investigation, all sorts of things were brought up about Wooten including the fact that he had illegally shot a moose (yes folks this is Alaska), driven drunk, and used a taser (on the test setting, he reminds us) on his 11-year old stepson, who supposedly had asked to see what it felt like. While Wooten has turned out to be a less than stellar figure, the fact that Palin’s father accompanied him on the infamous moose hunt, and that many of the dozens of charges brought up by the Palin family happened long before they were ever reported smacked of desperate custody fight. Wooten’s story is that he was basically stalked by the family.

After all this, Wooten was investigated and disciplined on two counts and allowed to kept his position with the troopers. Enter Walt Monegan, Palin’s appointed new chief of the Department of Public Safety and head of the troopers. Monegan was beloved by the troopers, did a bang-up job with minimal funding and suddenly got axed. Palin was out of town and Monegan got “offered another job” (aka fired) with no explanation to Alaskans. Pressure was put on the governor to give details, because rumors started to swirl around the fact that the highly respected Monegan was fired because he refused to fire the aforementioned Mike Wooten. Palin vehemently denied ever talking to Monegan or pressuring Monegan in any way to fire Wooten, or that anyone on her staff did. Over the weeks it has come out that not only was pressure applied, there were literally dozens of conversations in which pressure was applied to fire him. Monegan has testified to this fact, spurring an ongoing investigation by the Alaska state legislature. But, before this investigation got underway, Palin sent the Alaska State Attorney General out to do some investigative work of his own so she could find out in advance what the real investigation was going to find. (No, I’m not making this up). The AG interviewed several people, unbeknownst to the actual appointed investigator or the Legislature! Palin’s investigation of herself uncovered a recorded phone call retained by the Alaska State Troopers from Frank Bailey, a Palin underling, putting pressure on a trooper about the Wooten non-firing. Todd Palin (governor’s husband) even talked to Monegan himself in Palin’s office while she was away. Bailey is now on paid administrative leave.

As if this weren’t enough, Monegan’s appointed replacement Chuck Kopp, turns out to have been the center of his own little scandal. He received a letter of reprimand and was reassigned after sexual harrassment allegations by a former coworker who didn’t like all the unwanted kissing and hugging in the office. Was he vetted? Obviously not. When he was questioned about all this, his comment was that no one had asked him and he thought they all knew. Kopp, defiant, still claimed to have done nothing wrong and said to the press that there was no way he was stepping down from his new position. Twenty four hours later, he stepped down. Later it was uncovered that he received a $10,000 severance package for his two weeks on the job from Palin. Monegan got nothing.

It’s reminiscent of the U.S. Attorney firing scandal, writ extremely small.  Suggestive of how a President Palin might view the role of the Cabinet – to settle her scores – and her executive authority – unconstrained, transferrable to unelected proxies.  It would be nice if we had some more significant insights into how she would govern, but unless someone wants to tease some kind of Presidential War Powers philosophy out of then-Mayor Palin’s response to a flagrant facemask penalty in the Wasilla vs. Lower Moosenads HS football game, it’s pretty much all we get.  She seems like a complete zero.

And we’ve now officially spent more time thinking about Sarah Palin’s governing philosophy than John Mccain ever did, or likely ever will.  Seriousness: you’re soaking in it.

I’m sure nobody wants to hear this from me, so here it is from Dr. Jeff Masters:

It’s time to leave New Orleans
Today is the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s catastrophic hit on the Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama coast. Unfortunately, I think that people living in New Orleans should mark the anniversary of Katrina by getting the heck out of the city. You live at the bottom of a bowl, much of it below sea level. While New Orleans must exist where it is, this is not natural. Nature wants to fill up this bowl with huge quantities of Gulf of Mexico sea water. There is a storm capable of doing that bearing down on you. If you live in New Orleans, I suggest you take a little Labor Day holiday–sooner, rather than later, to beat the rush–and get out of town. Gustav is going to come close to you, and there’s no sense messing with a major hurricane capable of pushing a Category 3 storm surge to your doorstep. Don’t test those Category 3 rated–but untested–levees. Conventional pre-Katrina wisdom suggested that the city needed 72 hours to evacuate. With the population about half of the pre-Katrina population, that lead time is about 60 hours. With Gustav likely to bring tropical storm force winds to the city by Monday afternoon, that means that tonight is a good time to start evacuating–Saturday morning at the latest. Voluntary evacuations have already begun, which is a good idea.

Seems like sound advice from where I sit, but that’s a long ways away.

This came out 2 weeks ago:

88% of Alaskans think she’s a liar:

But Ted Stevens LLC loves her:

Clearly, this is good news for McCain.


McCain just tapped Harriet Miers Sarah Palin as his vice presidential choice.  He must really think women are stupid: Me woman. She woman. Me vote for Oldy McSame.  This brought to us by the same mindset that thought pretty-boy Dan Qauyle would attract women voters.  The campaign via Tiger Beat theory.

Admittedly, we of the male persuasion can frequently cede control of the bridge to our genitalia, but it’s not when we enter the voting booth (I said voting booth).  And given that women are smarter than men generally speaking, and much less prone to cogitate with their junk, this is, to put it simplay, FUCKING FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. 

Speaking of the Old Dirty Bastard who happens to be remarkably old, Palin’s shocking lack of experience (1+ year as governor of a small state after being mayor of a town with 8,000 proud inhabitants) guarantees that people will be talking about how old Oldy Decrepit is now that Sarriet Palin Miers could be one geriatric and feeble heartbeat away from the oval office.  Of all the potential recipients of those 3:00am phone calls to pick from, Mumm-Ra chose her? 

Recall: Obama chose Joe Biden. 

Can’t you just smell the desperation? (over the musty old guy scent)


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