Where did Obama come up with this crazy shit?

Obama’s statement yesterday about Republican scare tactics is merely the latest in a string of statements in which he suggests that certain Americans are intrinsically racist, and those Americans aren’t just confined to political opponents.

Some Americans are…racist?  Not just Republicans?  Why that’s…that’s preposterous! [audible hrumphs from around the room]  Historical fact: The last of the American racists (I believe it was Jesse Helms) died in July, pushing America from 99.9999999999% to 100% pure non-racist.  We’re whiter cleaner than Ivory-fncking-soap now.

But seriously, you know what I find particularly charming: the racists who don’t really try to hide their racism (depending on the n***r jokes in question and their immediate company), but who insist that racism doesn’t exist anymore and get offended when someone suggests that it’s still out there.  This indignant reaction is not necessarily limited to when someone accuses them, personally, of racism mind you.  They tend to bristle even when general statements are made to that effect that racists still, you know, exist. 

Anyway, it’s a lovely little two step of self-awareness/self-parody.  Roy has more.

Update: Just to illustrate a point, could you imagine the succession of exploding heads around pundit-dom if someone reacted with such incredulity to a candidate’s suggestion that some Americans are actually anti-Semitic?  Hell, for some groups, pretending that anti-Semitism lurks behind every corner is the go-to cudgel with which to beat the brows of political opponents. 

But racism?  Nah.  That ended sometime around 1968.