I mean, that’s what this is, right?

Like Mr. Bush, Mr. McCain confuses opposition to an unnecessary war with a lack of spine and an unwillingness to use force when the nation is truly in danger. Obviously, Mr. Obama is untested as a commander in chief and his trip was intended to reassure voters. But Mr. McCain is as untested in this area as Mr. Obama, and it is hard to imagine a worse role model than the one Mr. McCain seems to be adopting: President Bush.

Many voters are wondering whether a McCain presidency would be an extension of Mr. Bush’s two disastrous terms. If the way Mr. McCain is running his campaign these days is an indication, Americans don’t have to wait until next January for the answer to that one.

Buh-buh-but he was in a prison camp!  Which makes him a foreign policy wiz!  Due to reasons the pure of spirit understand instinctually!  What could have caused them to indulge in such unhinged political hate speech?

Well, that certainly didn’t take long. On July 3, news reports said Senator John McCain, worried that he might lose the election before it truly started, opened his doors to disciples of Karl Rove from the 2004 campaign and the Bush White House. Less than a month later, the results are on full display. The candidate who started out talking about high-minded, civil debate has wholeheartedly adopted Mr. Rove’s low-minded and uncivil playbook.

“How Frightful!” exclaims the Grey Lady, the official Dissapproving Schoolmarm of Our Precious Democracy.  And with that, McCain can pretty much forget about capturing the all-important “finishing school moms” demographic.