The defining issue of our time:

Reaction, predictably is that: A) there is no scientific consensus on global warming;  B) Al Gore HYPOCRITICALLY refuses to live in a cave and adopt a photoautotrophic metabolism; C) I have suddenly developed a deep concern for potential third world suffering which mysteriously disappears when it is pointed out that global warming will cause endemic starvation and disease; D) Al Gore is boring HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  Interestingly, Al Gore has been 100% right about global warming (and more) for the past 10+ years, while very serious people have been warning us about Gore’s earth tones and how he claimed to have invented the internet and how he grew a beard.

And now, 35 minutes to make you miss Tim Russert:

“Why isn’t the Democratic Congress stopping global warming?”  Thanks for paying attention, Tom.

“Doesn’t Hillary suck for proposing a gas tax holiday?” Hillary dropped out six weeks ago, Tom.  Perhaps you heard something about that.  John McCain is still running, however.  Can’t blame you for not noticing.

“Shouldn’t you live in a tiny dung hut and walk everywhere so we can hate you for that?”  Stay classy, dude.

Tom Brokaw will have it be known that he has been “tracking this issue [climate change] pretty carefully.”  Psychic translation: he makes it a point to read Gregg Easterbrook’s wonderfully informative column in the Atlantic every single month, and he has read a careful study of Al Gore’s heating bill.  Tom, again, I hate to be pedantic here, but Al Gore has been tracking this issue a widdle bit, too.  Also, there are these people called “scientists”. They might know slightly more than you.