Ed Burns, Vietnam vet and co-creator of HBO’s Generation Kill, interviewed in Salon:

How did working on this series affect your perspective on the war?

It didn’t. I still hate it. It just makes it more of a tragedy to know that we sent these guys into combat in the wrong war, on a make-up war. We wasted such talent on a lie. I know from Vietnam, when these guys are injured — guys who are really injured, the guy who steps on a mine or gets hit with an IED [improvised explosive device] — you know, he wants to believe that he gave it for the right cause. And you know, as time wears on, it’ll become more evident, just like it was in Vietnam, that it wasn’t the right cause. Yet that doesn’t bring his foot back or his arms back.

The best trained, best equipped army in the history of the world and you thought it was just your fucking toy to play around with, you incompetent half-wits? That these astonishing people were your little bauble? May you be drowned in the shit of history, post-haste. May your every contribution to this world be denied by all right-thinking people everywhere, forever. Happy fucking fourth of July.