This election season will bring a Tsunami of Tstupid. You have no chance to survive make your time. Here, Josh Marshall moves from stage 2 of the Kübler-Ross model (anger) to stage 3 (bargaining):

The simple truth is that this campaign offers a very clear cut choice on Iraq. One candidate believes that the US occupation of Iraq is the solution; the other thinks it’s the problem. John McCain supports the permanent deployment of US troops in Iraq. That is why his hundred years remark isn’t some gotcha line. It’s a clear statement of his policy. Obama supports a deliberate and orderly withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. It’s a completely different view of America’s role in the world and future in the Middle East. Reporters who can’t grasp what Obama is saying seem simply to have been permanently befuddled by George W. Bush’s game-playing over delegating policy to commanders.

No, they’re just stupid, and nothing you say or do will change that. But whatever gets you through the night. I have my own coping strategy.