If I were a crazy wingnut asshole, I would be furious at Southwest Airlines (among others) for a 4th of July-oriented ad (you know, the one with the adorable little asian girl singing Toby Keith or whatever it is with her speech impediment) that tries to imply that “being American” somehow means “being black” or “being asian” or whatever. How could it be anything but hopelessly anti-McCain bias that even airlines are now trying to sneakily imply that (Black man! Didja hear? Secret! Muslim!) Barack Obama could well be as American as anybody else? You can’t let that shit stand, guys, it’ll fuck up the whole program. Henceforth, any ad which tries to feature “diverse” “backgrounds” in its casting can only be seen as treasonous calumny of the very worst kind. Benneton is the new Marx: believe it.