Obama \'08!
Send one to the Dodd today!

… slightly relevant:

Set aside Obamajeebus and obamajeebusism. Think about Obama as professional political candidate and Obamacorp as professional political organization. Inevitable bumps and gaffes aside, consider how remarkably and relentlessly efficient and smart and effective and competent Obama and Obamacorp are compared to McCain’s or Clintons or, of course, Bushco.”

Aside from the weird neologisms and misplaced apostrophes, this is pretty much what I tell myself when faced with unfortunate behavior like the Barrow endorsement or FISA wobbliness from the Obama campaign. If they’ve proved one thing, it’s that they know what they’re doing, running-a-campaign-wise. Inevitably, in a national campaign, the smart Democratic candidate is going to do things that piss me off — I’m going to vote for them anyways! Whether the Barrow endorsement was an attempt to push the GOP into more spending in safe states (if an Obama endorsement can help an inveterate blue dog like that, the guy must be running towards the center) or whether it had some other justification, whether the FISA compromise reflects sound political calculation or a craven casting-aside of principles or something in-between, at this point I’m going to swallow hard and trust the Obama campaign to do what it has to do to win, because I’ll tell you one thing: with a Democrat — any Democrat — in the White House, things will be a whole fuckload better than they’ve been. Will it be disappointing? Yeah, of course. A lot less disappointing than the events of 2000 to 2008 inclusive have been, though, regardless of what happens between now and November. The man could French kiss Joe Lieberman and become Godfather to Scalia’s nuclear devil grandchild and I wouldn’t like it, but I’d gulpingly assume he had a reason for it and he’d still have my vote, and my money.

Ahh, democracy.