Knock him off:

Terrorist fist jab:

Obama’s baby mama:

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It’s going to get worse, and it’s going to be everywhere, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.  The only way to fight crazy is with more crazy, and Bob Dornan’s got your crazy, swinging.  Some would say that John McCain is a Viet Cong agent who tortured himself in order to be President and kill American soldiers and make Hannah Montana have a sex change and gay marry Osama bin Laden.  Some.  Would.  Say. There’s even a movie about it.  It’s like that tape of Michelle Obama burning white babies on her red, yellow and green altar of Kwanzaa while OJ and Farrakhan and Pacman Jones laugh, only it exists:

Fair play demands that equal time be given to Bob Dornan & Friends saying John McCain is VC android, and people saying he’s not an android while Bob Dornan & Friends accuse them of being in on the conspiracy.  People who don’t think this is entirely in the spirit of traditional “fair play” fail to understand the post-9/11 redefinition of integrity, and need to get their VC handlers to upload this to their memory banks.  Call your local right-wing radio host and ask him why he hates our POWs.  Ask McCain why he won’t release the 32  anti-American propaganda tapes he made for the Communists.  Ask the important questions about whether McCain’s war medals are total bullshit, or just kinda needs to know.  Red State needs to know.  Free Republic … well, they’re already hep, but it bears repeating.  It needs to be everywhere.  Step up.  These rats ain’t gonna fuck themselves.