Poor Michelle Malkin. He’s just not that into her:

The McCain campaign holds weekly blogger conference calls with its candidate. There are many questions I know you’d like asked, but I’ve never been able to ask them because I haven’t been one of the privileged few conservative bloggers allowed into the McCain sanctum to ask those questions for you.

Yesterday, I learned that several far left-wing blogs were invited to participate in The Maverick’s blogger conference call session (it’s part of that Big Vision Thing). I e-mailed McCain’s New Media guy, Patrick Hynes, asking if I could participate in the next blogger conference call.

After all, McCain said yesterday he’ll “listen to any idea that is offered in good faith and intended to help solve our problems, not make them worse” and “will set a new standard for transparency and accountability” and “will work with anyone, of either party, to make this country safe, prosperous and proud.”

If he’s willing to take questions from hostile liberal bloggers, why not take some from conservative bloggers who represent substantial readerships with dissenting views on how best to make this country “safe, prosperous, and proud?”

A: Because you are all incredibly embarrassing. John McCain wants to be President, and he wants to avoid embarrassment, and being publicly associated with the likes of you can only lead to humiliation. Everyone in the country hates you, blames you (correctly) for the disastrous failures of the past 8 years, and thinks you are completely fucking bazoo. Nobody likes you. Considering the kind of folks John McCain openly embraces, this is quite a thing. Your job is to keep your psychosis far away from the McCain campaign, go vote Republican, and then crawl back into your fucking holes. This has been Easy Answers to Stupid Questions.

(And what’s with this sudden fetish for “dissent”? I thought that was a flavor of treason.)