Dan Riehl:

In a case that’s more instructive in government power and control than most anything a liberal, or civil libertarian might opine upon, Wesley Snipes received the maximum sentence, 36 months in prison for not paying his taxes.

While I personally believe too much is made of alleged civil liberty encroachments under Bush and in the so-called war on terror – there is no greater threat to freedom in a capitalist society than that of the government to tax and regulate activity.

I’m not suggesting Snipes isn’t guilty, or shouldn’t go to jail, but you never hear a peep from the supposed freedom loving liberals when it comes to how government taxes and spends, thereby controlling our lives, as well as our livelihoods.

Paying for the services one takes for granted is the truest tyranny, my friends. Will not the Invisible Hand collect our empty snack food wrappers and soda cans while we sleep? Will not Elves creep into our workshops in the dead of night and make wondrous Shoes for us to sell? No? Are you sure? Well, they would, my friends, they surely would, if only people would stop bashing Bush and whining about unlimited executive power and pre-9/11 civil liberties and join in Operation Libertarian PonyTrain to Freelunchistan! (Note: a related strategy will guarantee success in Iraq.)