It’s a tie! While Hillary Clinton has to be happy with her performance today, doing better than anybody was predicting as recently three days ago, Obama has to be happy with his performance, performing as he did dramatically better than anybody was predicting as recently as a week and a half ago. I have to imagine that – given the results we’ve seen tonight – there’s just no way Hillary Clinton is going to drop out of the race. Barack Obama, by maintaining approximately the same lead in pledged delegates he had before today’s contests, has to be feeling good about the prospect of going into the convention with a significant lead in pledged delegates, a prospect that will likely sway superdelegates to his side. Hillary at this point has to know that the superdelegates are the key to the nomination, and will redouble her efforts to bring them into her camp – a prospect that will surely be easier after tonight. It also seems perfectly clear that Democratic insiders – worried about a protracted primary fight, and the damage it will do to the party – will be strongly tempted to support Obama. That said, I think this can’t but help Hillary in the court of public opinion. Of course, Obama has maintained tremendous ability to raise and spend money, which may prove decisive.

One thing’s for sure: winning big in Pennslyvania will be absolutely critical for both candidates.

Rinse, repeat. Can we just have the convention now and get this nonsense over with? I can clear out some space in my den for us to use.