February 2008

Serious Journalist Mark “Just The Facts” Halperin:

Things McCain can do when running against Obama that Clinton has been unable to do well or at all: […]

6. Allow some supporters to risk being accused of using the race card when criticizing Obama. […]

11. Emphasize Barack Hussein Obama’s unusual name and exotic background through a Manchurian Candidate prism.

Mark Kleiman:

Referring to how McCain should treat Michelle Obama’s gaffes, Halperin calls for “unrestricted censure.”

Sauce. Goose. Gander. A little unrestricted censure is probably just what Halperin’s little soul could use right now.

Seems to me like Halperin needs a trip to Shusterville. Two weeks should be just about long enough to remind him, and others, not to go there again.

Update from Halperin and/or Time:

Note: This is analysis, not advice.

You need to go fuck yourself. This is both.


He’s got the Dodd, he knows how to use him
Anti-torture god, he knows how to choose them
Doddmentum means you wonder as you hear him
Would you get behind them in Ohio where you find them
The Dodd, the Dodd,
Yeah, it’s all right.

I apologize for my tardiness in breaking this important story. From Dr. Morgan O. Reynolds, George W. Bush’s former chief economist for the Department of Labor, comes this legal bombshell:

ARA, upon information and belief, manufactures or causes to be manufactured, develops and/or tests DEW [laser guns – ed.] that are operational in Earth orbit, at high altitude, low altitude, at sea and on land ranging in lethality from the capacity to do great damage, such as that of destroying the World Trade Center Twin Towers in less than 10 seconds each, as occurred on 9/11/01, down to and including imposition of a disabling stun on human beings for crowd control and/or other psy op purposes. […]

50. The destruction of the WTC on September 11, 2001, was caused, in whole or in part, by the use of Directed Energy Weapons, consisting in High Energy Lasers and or other operational, but largely secret weapons that are, nonetheless, known to exist and known to have been deployed and/or deployable in the year 2001, before and after. It is also clear and apparent on its face that NIST’s explanation of the destruction of WTC1,2, issued in or about the month of September, 2005, is blatantly false, incomplete, misleading and fraudulent. […]

SAIC engaged in fraud, then, in the wrong place and in the wrong context. Between ARA and SAIC, some twenty-five (25) persons were assigned to work on, by literally surrounding and, accordingly, controlling and manipulating, NIST officials such that fraud, the intended outcome, did, in fact, occur. It is telling that the two contractors who were most numerous among NIST’s contractors were those whose primary expertise includes the development of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and psychological operations (psy ops), as that term is understood for military and warfare purposes, respectively. Small wonder, then, that NIST did not investigate what caused the destruction of WTC 1,2; namely, DEW, carried out in the manner of a psy op.

I am starting to lose faith in the quality of Bush Administration officials.

Abandon ship:

The senior HRC aides […] –well, “loyal” is not how I would describe them. Their candidate still has a 30% chance of winning, and they are diminishing that chance by dishing “campaign in turmoil” dirt to reporters in the hope that it will get a knife stuck in the back of one of their competitors for future White House jobs and in the hope of gaining reporter points that they can use in some way at some future date.

I’ve seen this before. There are two kinds of people who get involved in politics–those who care about the substance of policy, and those who want to get White House Mess privileges, or as a consolation prize become media celebrities. The first kind–the policy people–will be loyal to a politician as long as he or she is trying his or her best to achieve the shared policy goals. The second kind–the spinmasters–will be loyal to a politician as long as he or she is a winner who favors them. If a politician stops looking like a winner, or if a politician starts favoring others for what they hoped would be their west wing job, they will jump ship as fast as they can–and you will start seeing the “infighting” stories.

See also. Not pretty. I’m not Hillary’s number one fan, but I’m sure she’d be a perfectly adequate President. Secretly, I’ve always believed – and I have absolutely zero evidence to back this up, of course – that deep down Hillary has a strategic reserve of white-hot hatred for Republicans and all their works and pomps, and once elected, she would finally be free to shed the go-along-get-along act and take hilarious, schadenfreudious revenge, which would be horrible and undemocratic and everything, but also be just desserts, and so kind of awesome. Ah, well, not to be. And it would be too bad if her campaign should fail because of this careerist crap, but better now than in the general election.


[The Bush Administration] playing with a deck that’s out of aces. The only thing they have is fear. When it doesn’t work, they try to scare even more, but the obviousness of the lie forces an unprecedented backtrack.

Of course, this could all have been so much easier if the Democratic “leadership” had just draw a line in the sand from the day they took control of Congress and made it clear that they weren’t taking orders from an unpopular, lame duck, and proudly criminal administration.  Better late than never, bygones be bygones and all that, but there was nothing preventing them from taking this attitude earlier (and there is still nothing preventing the Senate from doing it, like, now.)  It would be the right thing to do, and it might make you slightly more popular than herpes, too.  More:

All of this says to me that the next President needs to open up the books on the Bush Administration, and that we cannot as a nation be truly healed until that happens. The intelligence leadership has been caught in an enormous lie, making false claims about lost surveillance gathering for purely political reasons. This cannot possibly be an isolated incident. Of coure, we KNOW it’s not an isolated incident. And indeed, many of the employees in the civil service who directed these lies and misstatements, not those at the top but the functionaries, will still be working in their same posts under a potential Democratic Administration. It needs to be extremely clear from the very beginning that they must be rooted out, expunged and turned over to the legal system for a determination. It should be a key part of the Democratic nominee’s platform. Only then can we truly “turn the page,” as our front-runner is likely to say.

It seems to me that Obama has essentially promised to do just that – though if promises were policy, we’d all be Nigerian billionaires now.  And the transparency needs to extend beyond bureaucrats. I’d like to know, for example, how close intelligence subcommittee head Jay Rockefeller has been to the various Bush era deceptions and shannanigans – partly for the health of the Republic and yada yada, but mostly so I can settle a bet as to whether he is simply the stupidest man alive, or if he is the stupidest man alive and a corrupt asshole.  I mean, seriously: how fucking stupid do you have to be to get rolled by Pat Roberts?  That’s like getting grifted by the Pepperidge Farm guy.  Jesus.

Ralph Nader is still a fucking moron.

Have at it!

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