Serious Journalist Mark “Just The Facts” Halperin:

Things McCain can do when running against Obama that Clinton has been unable to do well or at all: […]

6. Allow some supporters to risk being accused of using the race card when criticizing Obama. […]

11. Emphasize Barack Hussein Obama’s unusual name and exotic background through a Manchurian Candidate prism.

Mark Kleiman:

Referring to how McCain should treat Michelle Obama’s gaffes, Halperin calls for “unrestricted censure.”

Sauce. Goose. Gander. A little unrestricted censure is probably just what Halperin’s little soul could use right now.

Seems to me like Halperin needs a trip to Shusterville. Two weeks should be just about long enough to remind him, and others, not to go there again.

Update from Halperin and/or Time:

Note: This is analysis, not advice.

You need to go fuck yourself. This is both.