I have to be honest with you, I would have figured it would be somebody like Hillary, but apparently not:

An amusing illustration of the whole point. I sent the Hitler quote on page 363 (about Christianity’s slow death) to some friends of mine and asked them to guess who said it. The first person to respond’s first thought was John Lennon, but he went with Hitler. And thus your point, sometimes it is hard to tell the rhetoric of the two apart. And there is a reason for that.

Yes. That reason is not, as initially seems obvious, that your friends are stupid, but it is in fact that John Lennon = Hitler. Everything’s so clear to me now! The Berlin bunker was the original bed-in, the Hitler moustache the original John Lennon glasses, Das Valkyrie the original Imagine. I’m thinking Eichman was Ringo.

(via the Gayatollah of liberal fascism)