No, I don’t know what that title means, either.  How can I be expected to make very serious and thoughtful analogies when the Dhimmicrats have just helped al-Qaeda establish a New Caliphate in suburban Topeka?

Well this afternoon we won a second improbable victory against the FISA bill that rewards telecoms for joining George Bush in breaking the law. The Republicans didn’t come close to invoking cloture against Sen. Chris Dodd’s filibuster. In fact, they couldn’t muster even 50 votes. Cloture attracted only 48 votes (to 45 against).

And so Liberal Fascism aids Islamofascism.  Has it ever been clearer that everyone I hate is exactly the same?  But lo!  Who’s that fascist on yonder grassy knoll?

For several months now, I’ve listened to the building frustration over this immunity and this administration’s campaign of lawlessness. I’ve seen it in person, in mail, online—the passion and eloquence of citizens who are just fed up. They’ve inspired me more than they know.

The blogofascists.  I should have known.