Intrepid private detective Roger L. Simon may — it’s early to tell, but the signs aren’t promising — have discovered signs of liberal fascism in the campaign of inspiring GOP candidate Barack Obama. Fuck that noise, Neville, you’re saying to me, and rightly so! But see for yourself:

Maybe I missed something [ Doubt it! — Sifu ], but the “Change” poster behind Barack Obama seems to have, well, changed. (There’s that word again. [ Good catch! — Sifu]) The words “We Can Believe In” have been added to the bottom, for the first time acknowledging, pace Orwell, that not all changes are equal (although some changes are more equal than others). Nazi Germany, for an example, was a change.

If this is true, and obviously I wouldn’t want to say for sure until some readers have researched the subject, the conclusion is unavoidable: Barack Obama, rather than being the good conserative we had all believed, is secretly liberal (fascist), and wants nothing more than to propel the Nazi party to power in this country — planting his seductively totalitarian message in our own back front yards, highway medians, and possibly bay windows.

These liberal fascist remoras circle us ever more hungrily. May we have the whalitude to resist their suctiony oppresion.