John Aravosis:

front_cover_mini.jpgAccording to AP, congressional leaders have reached a deal on those economic stimulus checks. And rather than being geared towards helping the economy, they’re apparently geared towards redistributing wealth (that would be our wealth) to the poor. What a surprise. Folks in the middle (i.e, those who are not rich or poor) are screwed by the Democrats (and Republicans) yet again. Let me give you the details that just leaked, and again this may not be the final deal, but it sure sounds like it:

Families with children would receive an additional $300 per child, subject to an overall cap of perhaps $1,200, according to a senior House aide who outlined the deal on condition of anonymity in advance of formal adoption of the whole package. Rebates would go to people earning below a certain income cap, likely individuals earning $75,000 or less and couples with incomes of $150,000 or less.

That means that if you make $75,000 or more a year, no check for you. Forget that fact that you live in NYC or DC or San Francisco, where prices from property to food are outrageous. […]

That’s because far too often the Democrats don’t give a damn about anybody who isn’t a minority or starving to death (both valid causes to be sure, but are they the ONLY causes out there?). If you’re in the middle, you’re on your own. […]

The Republicans ONLY want to help the rich, and the Democrats ONLY want to help the poor. Screw everybody else. I am so sick of these people.

I’m glad that well-off white liberals are finally beginning to wake up to the fact that liberalism and the Democrat party has launched a blitzkreig offensive against them, the first stage in a “Final Solution” to the “problem” that everybody isn’t a poor minority on welfare.  Government handouts do nothing to allieviate poverty.  The only way poor people can improve their situation is to pick themselves up by their bootstraps by having their mom hook them up with some right-wing media gigs, and then parlay that into paid public appearances and a fabulous book deal.  Optionally, one could enter the jet-set world of professional blogging, with salaries starting at $75k and up.  It’s pure laziness that keeps these people down, and we pay for it.  Via.