Major Woody has eminently fair and gracious and typically thoughtful review of the book, which he has undertaken seriously, with detail and care. Obviously, there isn’t as much care and detail as went into my book, and it’s not as thoughtful or serious, but to expect that of a mere book review is to set the bar for seriousness, thoughtfulosity, etc. far too high. Also, Eric Martin and Jim Henley have reacted positively, although they haven’t actually read it. Hardly anybody has read it, actually, but the thing about books is that you can often judge how good they are just from the cover. More people should review it in order to combat liberal fascism in all of its oppressive and responsibility-absolving forms.

front_cover_mini.jpgSadly, the real liberal fascists refuse to tackle my arguments head-on, preferring instead to pretend like I didn’t just totally figure out that they are fascists and totally prove it in a groundbreaking book which takes care and thoughtfulness to completely unprecedented levels. Additionally, my book is not available in any bookstores, a ludicrous situation which can only be explained by the nefarious doings of liberals, and gives a further measure of how desperate they are in their dead-end struggle against my remorseless logic. If I’m not on top of every NY Times bestseller list by the end of the week, I’ll know that I’ve struck a sound – and perhaps fatal – blow against the Chardonnay Reich.

Now, I’m basically done fuming about how victimized I am, but I but I liked this email from Jeff from Protein Wisdom:

The Editors —

I understand you have written a book, and that you hate liberals. Me too, except the book part. In addition, I resent the following people, and would be honored to aid you in resenting them, perhaps by offering moral support to your resenting efforts or by scowling at them when your face starts hurting:

  1. Dave Neiwert
  2. Glenn Greenwald (times fifty!)
  3. Professor Rick Caric
  4. So-called ‘libertarian’ Jim Henley who isn’t as libertarian as he would have you believe and once stood near a COMMIE
  5. Stanley Fish
  6. My thesis committee
  7. Michael Keaton and all the bastards who made “Mr. Mom”
  8. People who finished their degrees
  9. People who got the jobs I wanted
  10. Liberals

None of these people ever managed to actually hurt my self-esteem, of course, as they are too pitiful to ever truly challenge my lofty intellect. The very thought is ridiculous. Some people collect seashells, some baseball cards, some collect records – I happen to collect grudges. It relaxes me. That’s all.

Take care,
Jeff G

I will take Jeff up on this offer, and I propose that we work in shifts: I will resent #1-5 from the hours of 9AM to 5PM, seethe about #6-10 from from 5PM to 1AM, and sleep from 1AM to 9AM. You can shift this schedule 8 hours to the right or left (whichever is more convenient), and I will have one of the interns here at The Institute take over loathing during the third shift. This way we should manage 24-hour bitterness coverage, while still being able to focus our vexation somewhat. Begin.