January 2008

Hope is the all-consuming terror of liberal fascism:

Much as I am disgusted with the Clintons and the other “monarchs” detailed below, I am more fundamentally scared of Barack Obama because I don’t know what he stands for other than “hope,” “change” and other truisms. He has done a brilliant job of avoiding the nitty-gritty and now with this welter of big time endorsements and the wind at his back we are not likely to get any specificity soon. He is certainly a charming main. Why not rely on that and not rock the boat with ideas subject to debate or thoughts that might reveal lack of preparation or experience?

But, as we learn from Noah Pollak who has been doing some interesting digging at the contentions blog, we have serious reason to be wary of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy advisor Samantha Power, just as we have reason to be disturbed by the idolatrous support of the racist Louis Farrakhan by Obama’s minister. […]

And, like most people when getting the approbation of the crowd, I imagine Obama is loathe to alienate it and finds himself agreeing with it as the line of least (temporary) resistance. But Obama’s particular crowd is partly a dangerous rabble that has not thought through the times in which we live on any serious level and responds in the most generic peacenik manner. As a single issue voter – the War on Terror – I am more than a little bit concerned.

As someone whose political worldview is entirely defined by a fear of poorly-defined, dark-complexion’ed threats, I couldn’t agree more.

Related.  Chilling.



I have to be honest with you, I would have figured it would be somebody like Hillary, but apparently not:

An amusing illustration of the whole point. I sent the Hitler quote on page 363 (about Christianity’s slow death) to some friends of mine and asked them to guess who said it. The first person to respond’s first thought was John Lennon, but he went with Hitler. And thus your point, sometimes it is hard to tell the rhetoric of the two apart. And there is a reason for that.

Yes. That reason is not, as initially seems obvious, that your friends are stupid, but it is in fact that John Lennon = Hitler. Everything’s so clear to me now! The Berlin bunker was the original bed-in, the Hitler moustache the original John Lennon glasses, Das Valkyrie the original Imagine. I’m thinking Eichman was Ringo.

(via the Gayatollah of liberal fascism)

No, I don’t know what that title means, either.  How can I be expected to make very serious and thoughtful analogies when the Dhimmicrats have just helped al-Qaeda establish a New Caliphate in suburban Topeka?

Well this afternoon we won a second improbable victory against the FISA bill that rewards telecoms for joining George Bush in breaking the law. The Republicans didn’t come close to invoking cloture against Sen. Chris Dodd’s filibuster. In fact, they couldn’t muster even 50 votes. Cloture attracted only 48 votes (to 45 against).

And so Liberal Fascism aids Islamofascism.  Has it ever been clearer that everyone I hate is exactly the same?  But lo!  Who’s that fascist on yonder grassy knoll?

For several months now, I’ve listened to the building frustration over this immunity and this administration’s campaign of lawlessness. I’ve seen it in person, in mail, online—the passion and eloquence of citizens who are just fed up. They’ve inspired me more than they know.

The blogofascists.  I should have known.

Your next President, Mike Huckabee:

In a speech to the Florida Renewal Project Monday night, which in an unprecedented move was live streamed on the American Family Association’s Web site, Huckabee compared America to Nazi Germany. He first implored the audience to renew their “commitment to Christ” and “to our nation, to its heritage, as well as to its future,” adding “do we expect the seculars [sic] to do it? Do we expect the unbelievers to lead us, and if so, how will they lead us and where?” He then engaged in an extended description of his visit to the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem with his 11- year-old daughter, who asked, “why didn’t somebody do something?” Huckabee, who has called abortion a “holocaust,” then issued a dire warning:

… I pray that no father ever stands over the shoulder of his own daughter and after her witnessing the decline and the fall of a great nation, writes, and sees her write these words, “why didn’t somebody do something?” You see, I believe the reason we’re here is because we are the somebodies. And we’re to do the something and if we don’t, who will? And if we don’t act now, when will it happen, and will it be too late? You leave this conference with this haunting question, and pray that no one would ever ask of you or of me, why didn’t somebody do something.

You read that right. Huckabee thinks if the “seculars” are allowed to rule America, our country could suffer the same fate as Nazi Germany.


Intrepid private detective Roger L. Simon may — it’s early to tell, but the signs aren’t promising — have discovered signs of liberal fascism in the campaign of inspiring GOP candidate Barack Obama. Fuck that noise, Neville, you’re saying to me, and rightly so! But see for yourself:

Maybe I missed something [ Doubt it! — Sifu ], but the “Change” poster behind Barack Obama seems to have, well, changed. (There’s that word again. [ Good catch! — Sifu]) The words “We Can Believe In” have been added to the bottom, for the first time acknowledging, pace Orwell, that not all changes are equal (although some changes are more equal than others). Nazi Germany, for an example, was a change.

If this is true, and obviously I wouldn’t want to say for sure until some readers have researched the subject, the conclusion is unavoidable: Barack Obama, rather than being the good conserative we had all believed, is secretly liberal (fascist), and wants nothing more than to propel the Nazi party to power in this country — planting his seductively totalitarian message in our own back front yards, highway medians, and possibly bay windows.

These liberal fascist remoras circle us ever more hungrily. May we have the whalitude to resist their suctiony oppresion.

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